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Cool Haul™

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Cool Haul™


Cool Haul's Dry Haul is built from head to toe with quality, durability and reliability as the forefront of our business.  With 15 years experience in manufacturing refrigeration equipment we have learnt the ins and outs of building a refrigerated product that lasts.  With the Dry Haul, our goal was to develop a transport refrigeration product that was not only affordable and durable but also compact, convenient and able to run on a small 2000W generator to eliminate the hassle of having to pack around a big noisy and heavy larger generator.  The Dry Haul is built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance and designed to hold up in all terrains and elements.

With a distinctive design and unparalleled cooling performance, we've surpassed anything currently available on the market. Say farewell to the constraints of relying on refrigerated trucks or trailers, and wave goodbye to the inconvenience of frequent ice stops. Embrace a seamless and worry-free transportation experience on your next journey with our game-changing mobile cooler.


The Dry Haul is built with the highest quality totes on the market to retain cooling temperatures while in the off cycle and backed by a bulletproof rotary compressor to keep up with cooling any load thrown its way as well as being able to withstand the bumps and bounces that come with being mobile.

With Cool Haul's Dry Haul you can expect to be able to chill 1500+ pounds of product all while being off the grid or on the move.  Go from +25C to -10C within an hour on an empty load!  Conveniently unload the fully loaded tote at your final destination and swap from your generator to your wall plug with our versatile 120V power supply.


All totes come with a split hinged lid to offer convenient access into the tote from either end as well as eliminating the hassle of having to remove a heavy non hinged lid each time you want to access the inside of the tote. 

Our product offers the tote to come with an optional 20 inch hatch door located at the bottom of the tote for your convenience when it comes to frequent loading and off-loading, adjustable shelving and 3 different variations in size - all totes are 48x43 inches with 3 optional heights - 47",37" and 28".



At the forefront of innovation, our cooler features a specialized electrical system carefully crafted to facilitate easy start-up, seamlessly adapting to 120V input from a 2000W Generator. This expertly designed configuration promises reliable performance, offering users a seamless and trouble-free experience whenever they need to start their cooler.



The Dry Haul is equipped with a state of the art digital thermostat to customize your cooling needs - easily adjust your setpoint with the click of a button and rely on the advanced abilities of this thermostat to regulate your cooler to your desired temperature.  The Dry Haul also comes with a secondary mechanical thermometer to conveniently monitor the temperature of your cooler even when you are disconnected from the power.


The Dry Haul also features a custom designed stainless steel fan cube to easily move around your fan and circulate the air dependent on your load and desire for air circulation! 



Send us an email or give us a call to discuss what works best for you and we can work together to put the best refrigerated tote suited for your needs together.  We look forward to hearing from you!


•120 Volt

•Starting Amps: 25
•Running Amps: 6-12

•15C/59F to -10C/14F in 45 minutes on empty load.
•15C/59F to -10C/14F in less than 24 hours on full load.

Large Tote Dimensions/Weight:

•Outer Dimensions:
L=48 inch / 121.9 cm
W=43 inch / 109.2 cm
H=47 inch / 119.3 cm
H w/ lid=49 inch / 124.4 cm

•Inner Dimensions:
L=43 inch / 109.2 cm
W=38 inch / 96.5 cm
H=40 inch / 101.6 cm

•Weight=164 lbs. / 74.3 kg
•Weight of lid= 40 lbs. / 18.1 kg

Medium Tote Dimensions/Weight:

•Outer Dimensions:
L=48 inch / 121.9 cm
W=43 inch / 109.2 cm
H=35 inch / 88.9 cm
H w/ lid=37 inch / 93.9 cm

•Inner Dimensions:
L=43 inch / 109.2 cm
W=38 inch / 96.5 cm
H=27 inch / 68.5 cm

•Weight=118 lbs. / 53.5 kg
•Weight of lid= 40 lbs. / 18.1 kg

Short Tote Dimensions/Weight:

•Outer Dimensions:
L=48 inch / 121.9 cm
W=43 inch / 109.2 cm
H=28 inch / 171.1 cm
H w/ lid=31 inch / 78.7 cm

•Inner Dimensions:
L=43 inch / 109.2 cm
W=38 inch / 96.5 cm
H=20 inch / 50.8 cm

•Weight=102 lbs. / 46.2 kg
•Weight of lid= 40 lbs. / 18.1 kg


Just plug it in and turn it on! All Cool Haul units are run tested and pre-programmed from the factory before they are sent to you to ensure they are ready to go as soon as you receive them, hassle free!

The answer is yes, you can! With our digital thermostat adjusting your set temperature is simple, hold the set point button until the set temperature flashes, adjust up or down with the arrow buttons and click the set point button to your desired temperature!

The Cool Haul requires 120V power source, making it versatile and easy to get power wherever you are. The Cool Haul can be run off a generator and then easily switched over to your home power source when you are not on the move.

Yes you can! The Cool Haul totes are built with extreme strength and durability allowing you to effortlessly pick them up under full load with a hoist, forklift, pallet jack or any other safe means of lifting that you have at your disposal.


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